Kidnappings occur all over the world and for all sorts of reasons. Kidnappings involve family members, sexual predators and ransom seekers. There is no typical abduction. As more and more people travel throughout the world, the oft-quoted advice to always fight your would-be abductor requires some reconsideration. While on rare occasions, it’s best to cooperate, the situation may call for immediate escape, and you need to think fast and act decisively. With a one day or even a one evening class, you can gain the skills needed to stay safe and become empowered. Our classes are serious, but also fun. It’s time to put yourself first!

We will be doing an Anti Abduction Seminar this saturday August 15 12:00pm at ATT Weston 2750 Glades Circle S300 Weston Fl 33328. This is an hour and a half you won’t want your kids to miss! Lear How to deal with predators in an abduction scenario and Students will have the opportunity to experience simulated abduction/attack scenarios and will be able to deploy applicable techniques for escape.. This event is $10 or free if you bring a guest. Hope to see everyone there Women and Children all ages. Reserve your spot today. Register Here:–bJJic