Hey, here are 3 lifestyle mistakes that we’ve ALL been guilty of.

But from here on out, let’s try to get better at each one.

 That way we can live a healthier, happier life.

 #1: Lack of sleep.


Plain and simple, your brain needs to RECHARGE. Make sleep a priority.

Those 8 hours determine how you feel for your entire day.

 #2: Too much TV.


 Lots of us turn to TV after a stressful day. The truth is, it’s

probably the worst stress reliever.

Exercise & socializing actually lift your mood and release stress.

 Turn to those instead.

 #3: Skipping Breakfast


 Have you ever gone 8 hours without

eating while you were awake?  Not too comfortable, is it?

 You get tired, angry, maybe even depressed.

When you sleep – you go 8 FULL hours without food. Your body needs

it when you wake up. Lift your mood and get ready for the day by eating.

 Community is KEY to staying on track with these mistakes.

 So is the right program that gives you excitement, fitness, and focus.

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Till next time,

Rodrigo R.